The Women in Ocean Science University Ambassador Programme

APPLY NOW. The 2023 Women in Ocean Science ambassador applications are now open! The application period is 25 October – 01 December. For any questions, please send us an email to: ambassador@womeninoceanscience.com.


The Women in Ocean Science University Ambassador Programme is a unique network of female and female-identified+ university students from academic institutions across the globe. The programme exists to support university students in their journey to emerging professionals and early-career researchers, providing access to a global community, support system and safe space. Women in Ocean Science is committed to creating an inclusive programme, supporting ambassadors from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

Currently hosting 65 ambassadors across 55 academic institutions worldwide, the purpose of the WOS University Ambassador Programme is to promote and inspire other females and female-identified+ within their universities / colleges to participate in marine science whilst raising awareness of the Women in Ocean Science mission. Each ambassador has their own take on the role, creating change within their local community whilst also forming part of a global network.


  • Provide an ongoing network of relatable role models

  • Raising the voices of, and providing a platform for, ambassadors and their stories

  • Connecting young women to workshops, events and development opportunities


  • The Applicant must be a female (female-identified+) and aged 18+

  • The Applicant must be studying marine biology (we welcome applications from undergraduate, masters and PhD students and those in both full or part-time study)

  • The Applicant must complete the online application form.

  • Every Ambassador must perform a monthly check-in with the WOS ambassador co-ordinators.


  • A one-year ambassadorship, with the opportunity to apply to be a Women in Ocean Science Ambassador in subsequent years.

  • Access to all monthly professional development workshops (online)

  • First access to Women in Ocean Science in-person events

  • Opportunities to represent Women in Ocean Science at conferences and /or external events as a university ambassador

  • Visibility and opportunities to be featured on Women in Ocean Science social media and website

  • Access to the global ambassador network through the Facebook group and monthly newsletter

Women in Ocean Science ambassadors will be asked to help create awareness of gender issues within marine science, in addition to spreading the word on Women in Ocean Science research, workshops and more.


Women in Ocean Science selects marine biology students on a quarterly basis to be a part of the ambassador programme. Applicants will submit a written application form via the Women in Ocean Science website, and if selected, will complete a short, informal interview with our ambassador team. Applicants will be informed of any decision via email. Please note that we only accept 2 ambassadors per academic institution each year.

For more details and application please click here