Basic steps to purchase the course

You can watch a short video on “How to Purchase a course”

 1:- Open www.handoutset.com and click the courses

2:- Select the course you want to purchase. You can check the description, curriculum and preview also. Click on “GET COURSE”

3:- Apply coupon (if you have). Click on “Proceed to checkout”.

4:- Fill all details here. (username should be unique). Click on “Place order”

5:- Note down your order number, and company CBE bank details like name “Hab Kali Computer Engineering PLC” and account number “1000356868548“. Pay money through CBE mobile banking or direct into bank.  Write the order no in the “reason” or “deposited by”. After payment your course will be activate within 24 hours (Max).

Use mobile banking or submit money direct into bank



6:- Go to your dashboard

7:- Before paying money your dashboard look like as





8:- After pay money your dashboard status is changed and its look like as


Note:- You can do payment by any method, like tele birr or other bank. But in that case, it is must to upload the payment proof on our telegram.  If you feel any difficulty, call us on 0996478896. For the immediate activation of course please send us a payment proof with your username OR order number on the “telegram with same number”.


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