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All the text books/ references books/ are given according to the Harmonize  curriculum of Central Universities of Ethiopia.

college and schools

All the college and schools are following the harmonize curriculum 


Departments are under different schools and colleges 

WHO we are

Ethiopia largest harmonize e-library

We have a digital collection of more then 3000 text books/ references books. We promise that the E-library is design to fulfil the requirements of all the Ethiopian universities.

E-Library facilitates to everyone to access it anywhere and anytime.

Install the mobile app directly from mobile browser.

As an academician take the benefit of fully funded scholarship to grow your careers. 

You can make a good reach in academic field by submission of handouts/books


We provide opportunities to all

Both, students and instructors have equal opportunity to grasp the knowledge and to share the knowledge.

core values
Best technology for the learning

Easy access for both teacher and students

Accessibilities is the main key of HandoutsEt. Digital library is compatible for Mobile, Tablet and Laptop.

teacher's Class Handouts

Available handouts is uploaded by the academic professionals, based on their specialization.

text and reference books

All the text and reference books are available according to the Harmonize curriculum of Ethiopian Universities

(Our vision) Education to all

The core vision of this platform is that, the availability of contents should be available to all.

{Our mission} Portable learning

Portable learning is the demand of time. In fast life style, students want to utilize the outdoor and travel time for studies.

[Our motive] To help the students

The main motive of HandoutsEt is to help the students for their learning, higher studies and careers.

As an academician you needs to improve the values of your professions. Higher studies and developments programs can add the values in your professional life.


stay up to date with ongoing and upcoming events

To grasp the knowledge you can visit regularly to the ongoing and upcoming events.


on hands

Now, library is in your hands. Get access it beyond the boundaries at anywhere and anytime. 



The students and instructors can get a chance to improve the careers. They can apply for fully funded scholarship.


Questions &

Very soon a question and answer portal will be introduces to solve the query of students. 


learning with technology

In the current scenario, it is important to improve the learning with latest technology. Students can get the best careers opportunity on this platform.

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