Grade 12 ICT Textbook

The contents of book are as given below

Unit 1: Information Systems

  • Basics of E-learning.
  • Basics of E-Government
  • Basics of E-Banking
  • Basics of E-Libraries
  • Basics of E-Commerce
  • System Analysis.
    Review Questions

Unit 2:  Enhancing the Use Of Software

  • Using Application Software
    Review Questions

Unit 3: Exploiting the Internet

  • General Concept of Website Design
  • ¬†Planning a Website.
  • Website Design Considerations
  • Website Development
    Review Questions

Unit 4: Image Processing and Multimedia Systems

  • Basics Of Multimedia Multimedia
  • Introduction to Multimedia Authoring Tools
  • Inserting and Editing Text
  • Working with Images and Graphics
  • Page Transitions, Positioning and Motion Icon
  • Libraries
  • Working with Sound and Digital Movies
  • Overview of Film Editing
    Review Questions