Grade 11 Mathematics Textbook

The contents of book are as given below

1 Unit: Further on Relation and Functions

  • Further on Relation and Functions
  • Revision on relations
  • Some additional types of functions
  • Classification of functions.
  • Composition of functions
  • Inverse functions and their graphs.

2 Unit: Rational Expressions and Rational Functions.

  • Simplification of rational expressions
  • Rational equations
  • Rational functions and their graphs.

3 Unit: Coordinate Geometry

  • Straight line
  • Conic sections

4 Unit: Mathematical Reasoning

  • Logic
  • Arguments and validity

5 Unit: Statistics and Probability

  • Statistics
  • Probability

6 Unit: Matrices and Determinants 

  • Matrices
  • Determinants and their properties
  • Inverse of a square matrix
  • Systems of equations with two or three variables
  • Cramer’s rule

7 Unit: The Set of Complex Numbers 

  • The concept of complex numbers
  • Operations on complex numbers
  • Complex conjugate and modulus
  • Simplification of complex numbers
  • Argand diagram and polar representation of

8 Unit: Vectors and Transformation of the Plane (For Natural Science Students)

  • Representation of vectors.
  • Scalar (inner or dot) product of vectors
  • Application of vector
  • Transformation of the plane

9 Unit: Further on Trigonometric Functions  (For Natural Science Students)

  • The functions y -sec x, y z csc x and y z cot x
  • Inverse of trigonometric functions
  • Graphs of some trigonometric functions
  • Applications of trigonometric functions

10. Mathematical Applications in Business (For Social Science Students)

  • Basic mathematical concepts in business.
  • Compound interest and depreciation
  • Saving, investing and borrowing money
  • Taxation