Unit-5: Tourism

Past participle and present participle adjectives
Multiple choice questions for past participle and present participle adjectives
Direction-I- Choose the correct answer for the following questions.


1. My sister ________ him to write a new song. My sister was very ________.
A. inspired / inspired
B. inspiring / inspired
C. inspire / inpiring
D. inspired / inspiring

2. They were all ________ because the game was very ________.
A. bored/bored
B. boring/bored
C. bored/boring
D. boring/boring

3. My sister _________ me with a cup of chocolate. The chocolate was very ____________.
A. comforted / comforted
B. comforted / comforting
C. comforting / comforted
D. comforting / comforting

4. I was rather _______ by what he said. His words were very _______.
A. offended / offending
B. offended / offensive
C. offending / offended
D. offending / offensive

5. It ________ me to see my marks at the end of every term. They are usually  very ________ marks.
A. depressed / depressed
B. depresses / depressing
C. depresses / depressed
D. depressed / depressing

6. I was _______ to accept the job offer. The salary was very _______.
A. tempted / tempting
B. tempted / tempted
C. tempting / tempted
D. tempting / tempting

7. Losing the final was ________. The players were ________.
A. devastated / devastating
B. devastated / devastated
C. devastating / devastated
D. devastating / devastating

8. We were ________ to have Sam at home. He is such a _______ boy!
A. delighted / delightful
B. delighted / delighting
C. delighting / delighted
D. delightful / delighted

9. Her behavior was really _______. Her teacher felt _______.
A. irritated / irritating
B. irritated / irritating
C. irritating / irritated
D. irritating / irritating

10. We were totally _______. His _______ words didn’t make any sense to us.
A. perplexed / perplexing
B. perplexed / preplexed
C. perplexing / perplexed
D. perplexing / perplexing

11. I don’t understand chess. The rules are very _________.
A. confused                                
B. confusing  
C. confusingly
D. confuse

12. He was ________when he arrived late for class.
A. embarrassed                         
B. embarrassing                        
C. embarrassingly
D. embarrass

13. There is a new movie playing at the Cinema. Are you ________?
A. interesting                                  
B. interestingly
C. interested                    
D. interestedly

14. My little brother makes too much noise. He is _________.
A. annoyed                                      
B. annoying
C. annoyingly                                    
D. annoy

15. Moving to a new home is hard work. It’s _________.
A. tired                                 
B. tiredly  
C. tire                            
D. tiring

16. The sad news made me __________.
A. depressing                        
B. depressingly
C. depressed                     
D. depress

17. Bontu got a B+. She was ________ with her test results.
A. satisfied                                      
B. satisfying  
C. satisfy                                 
D. satisfyingly

18. Our company isn’t making any money. It’s very _________.
A. worry                                
B. worryingly
C. worrying                       
D. worried

19. Dejene thinks that dogs  are _________.
A. terrified                                     
B. terrifying   
C. terrify                                 
D. terrifyingly

20. I think that insects are ________. I love to study them!
A. fascinating                       
B. fascinated
C. fascinate                        
D. Fascinatingly

21. We walked by the ________ bridge.
A. damaged                                              
B. damaging
C. damagingly                                           
D. damageful

22. The news was ________ to his reputation.
A. damaged                                              
B. damagingly 
C. damaging                              
D. damageful

23. I found the song to be very ________.  It made me feel calm.
A. relaxingly                                             
B. relaxed
C. relaxing                                               
D. relaxeful

24. There were a lot of ________ people in the room after the troublemaker left.
A. relieved                                                
B. relieving
C. relievingful                                              
D. relieve

25. Dawit has a ________ father who cares for him deeply.
A. love                                                      
B. lovingly
C. loving                                              
D. loved

26. They seemed really ________ by the joke.
A. irritate                                        
B. irritatingly
C. irritated                                
D. irritating

27. His sense of humor can be pretty _________.
A. irritate                                        
B. irritatingly
C. irritated                                
D. irritating

28. The band’s last album was __________.
A. disappointed                              
B. disappointing
C. disappointedly                                      
D. disappointingly

29. He was happy to hear such ________ words.
A. encouragingly                            
B. encouragedly
C. encouraged                             
D. encouraging

30. The candidate felt _________ with the results.
A. satisfyingly                      
B. satisfied full 
C. satisfied                             
D. satisfyingly

31. The foot ball match was ________; I didn’t expect it to be that bad.
A. disappoint                                   
B. disappointed  
C. disappointing                            
D. disappointment

32. ________ by a Snake, Selamawit was taken to a hospital.
A. Have bitten                                 
B. Having been bitten
C. Having bitten                   
D. Have been bitten

33. You have been working since early in the morning till now. You look ________. You should take rest now.
A. exhaust                                       
B. exhausting
C. exhausted                                 
D. exhaustive

34. Many young Africans fled their home town because of the ________situation around them.
A. terrified                                       
B. terrifying   
C. terrify                                 
D. terrifyingly 

35. Yordanos doesn’t enjoy her job. She’s ________because she does the same thing every day.
A. boring                                         
B. bored  
C. bores                                        
D. boringly

36. My nephew was _______ by the clown.
A. amusing                                                 
B. amusingly             
C. amused                      
D. amuse

37. It’s so ________! No matter how much I study I can’t seem to remember this vocabulary.
A. frustrating                                    
B. frustrated                 
C. frustrate                   
D. frustratingly

38. This lesson is so ___________!
A. bored                                              
B. boringly
C. boring                                         
D. bores

39. I’m feeling ________, so I’m going to go home, eat some chocolate, and go to bed early with a good book.
A. depressed                                        
B. depressing   
C. depressingly                                  
D. depress

40. I thought her new idea was absolutely________ .
A. fascinated                                      
B. fascinate  
C. fascinating                                     
D. fascinatingly

41. This maths problem is so _______ (/). Can you help me?
A. confused                                        
B. confusing
C. confusingly                                      
D. confuse

42. The teacher was really ________ so the lesson passed quickly.
A. amusing                                        
B. amusingly         
C. amuse                            
D. amused

43. The journey was________! Twelve hours by bus.
A. exhausted                                       
B. exhausting   
C. exhaustingly                                 
D. exhaust

44. The plane began to move in a rather ________way.
A. alarming                                         
B. alarmed 
C. alarm                                        
D. alarmingly

45. He was _________when he saw the spider.
A. frightening                                     
B. frighten        
C. frightened                                 
D. frighteningly

46. I was really _________ when I fell over in the street.
A. embarrassing                                 
B. embarrassed  
C. embarrass                                
D. embarrassingly

47. That film was so ________! There was no happy ending for any of the characters.
A. depressed                                       
B. depress    
C. depressingly                                      
D. depressing

48. I’m sorry, I can’t come tonight. I’m completely _________.
A. exhausting                                     
B. exhaust  
C. exhaustingly                                       
D. exhausted

49. We are going in a helicopter? How __________!
A. excited                                            
B. excite        
C. exciting                                     
D. excitingly

50. Don’t show my baby photos to people, Mum! It’s so ________!
A. embarrassing                                 
B. embarrassed
C. embarrassingly                                 
D. embarrass

51. It’s okay, it’s only me. Don’t be _________.
A. alarmed                                          
B. alarming
C. alarm                                        
D. alarmingly

52. My sister is so ________because she is going on holiday tomorrow.
A. exciting                                          
B. excite
C. excited                                            
D. excitingly

53. I hate long flights, I’m always really ________.
A. boring                                             
B. boringly 
C. bores                                       
D. bored

54. She looked very ________when I told her we had to change the plan.
A. confusing                                       
B. confuse       
C. confusingly                                  
D. confused

55. John was ________ by Mandarin when he first started learning languages. He decided to study more and now he can speak it fluently.
A. fascinated                                      
B. fascinating
C. fascinate                                   
D. fascinatingly

Answer Key For Unit Five

1 D

8 A

15 D

22 C

29 D

36 C

43 B

50 A

2 C

9 C

16 C

23 C

30 C

37 A

44 A

51 A

3 B

10 A

17 A

24 A

31 C

38 C

45 C

52 C

4 B

11 B

18 C

25 D

32 B

39 A

46 B

53 D

5 B

12 A

19 B

26 C

33 C

40 C

47 D

54 D

6 A

13 C

20 A

27 D

34 B

41 B

48 D

55 A

7 C

14 B

21 A

28 B

35 B

42 D

49 C