Become a Max Thabiso Edkins Climate Ambassador for 2023

It is with great joy that Connect4Climate and Y2Y’s Global Youth Climate Network announce the opening of applications for the 2023 edition of the Max Thabiso Edkins Climate Ambassador Program!

After the successful outcomes of the 2022 edition, which empowered a worldwide cohort of 162 climate ambassadors to execute more than 300 climate actions in their communities at the local and global levels, it is YOUR turn to make a difference.

About the Program

The example set by Max Thabiso Edkins, who was a climate champion par excellence and a world-renowned driver of youth-led climate action, continues to inspire young people to step up their ambition and pursue their visions of a sustainable future.

To honor Max’s legacy and continue his work empowering young climate leaders, Connect4Climate is partnering once again with the Global Youth Climate Network (GYCN), an initiative of the Youth-to-Youth (Y2Y) community of young professionals at the World Bank Group, to launch the 2023 edition of the Max Thabiso Edkins Climate Ambassador Program (MTECAP).

The MTECAP is a six-month online program that catalyzes youth climate leadership by enabling participants to: connect with one another; learn from World Bank experts and GYCN and C4C knowledge partners; and take meaningful climate action both in their communities and globally. The program offers a mix of technical and hands-on sessions providing the young ambassadors with in-depth knowledge and understanding of climate change and the related challenges explored in the World Bank Group Climate Change Action Plan as well as guidance on how to creatively communicate their newfound knowledge for maximal impact.

By the conclusion of the program, each participant will be expected to have attended a predefined number of learning sessions and implemented three concrete climate actions in their community. All those who meet these criteria will graduate and receive a certificate of completion.


Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 35, have strong conversational English language skills, and have reliable access to the internet. Beyond these foundational requirements, applicants will be evaluated on each of the following criteria:

  • Past and current experience as a youth leader in communities at the local, regional, national, or global level. Demonstrated ability to organize community activities is an advantage.

  • Passion for climate solutions and sustainable development, and motivation to take action and empower others. We are looking for self-starters willing to take charge.

  • Scale and strength of the applicant’s network and active presence on social media.

  • The potential impact of the applicant’s proposed contributions to their communities and networks.

The evaluation and selection process will also take into account various other factors—such as diversity in age, gender, and geography—to ensure the set of chosen Ambassadors closely reflects the global community.



As a participant in the Max Thabiso Edkins Climate Ambassador Program, you will be expected to Learn, Act, Network and Engage.

Learn: learn from World Bank Group experts and GYCN and C4C knowledge partners on the most pressing climate issues across various sectors, and gain solid leadership skills with which to inspire and empower others in your community.

Act: commit to achieving at least three climate actions in your community.

Network: connect with like-minded youth across the globe to learn, exchange ideas, develop joint initiatives and projects, and amplify your impact.

Engage: upon completion of the Program, join an active Global Alumni Community of Climate Ambassadors to help you continue your climate journey.

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